Catering Menu

Pricing and Event Details

 -Pricing is per person and varies with selections
-All events require a 50% deposit at event confirmation, and the balance is due a week before the event date.
-Onsite events have a maximum capacity of 45 people.
-Onsite events of 10 or less can order off the menu.
-Onsite events of 11 or more must have a custom menu planned.
-Events under 15 people require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice.
-Events over 15 people require a minimum of two weeks’ notice.
-Additional service charges may be applied for onsite events.
-Delivery and setup is available for an additional price.
-Events with staff are available for an additional price.
-Events held on premises include plates, silverware, glassware, and service ware.
-Off-site events don’t include plates, silverware, glassware, or service ware. And are available upon request for an additional charge.
-Chaffing dishes, coolers, and glass drink service ware are available for a returnable deposit.
-All pricing for events are done on an event by event bases, and are subject to varying market prices.  Consultations are available by phone, in person, or through email.